2nd progress meeting in Dresden, Germany, 2023

The BreedingValue consortium met for two days of intensive presentations and discussions on the progress and way forward of the BreedingValue project in Dresden, Germany on the 16th – 17th of March 2023. Hosts of the meeting were the Julius Kühn -Institute and Hansabred.

All partners presented their contributions to the different work packages. This was followed by deeper dives into the current status of each of the work packages given by the work package leaders, as well as spot light presentations given by the younger researchers of the consortium on specific topics such as first results of phenotyping, the allelic diversity study, hyper spectral analysis in raspberry and blueberry and a multiple approach for exploring consumers' inclination for berries.

Now half way through the project, the progress meeting was a great opportunity to have fruitful discussions on future points of action for a successful road ahead, as well as to achieve valuable input from the scientific advisory board.

The meeting ended with a tour to the BreedingValue partner Hansabred, where the partners got the opportunity to participate in a sensory test of different strawberry cultivars. Klaus Olbricht and Hannes Wagner of Hansabred also gave a guided tour through the company’s greenhouse, including showcasing the impressive collection of strawberry species.

Until the next progress meeting, the consortium members are looking forward to meet again soon on other occasions, such as the upcoming International Blueberry Days and Blueberry School in Italy in May 2023.

The BreedingValue Constortium at the 2nd progress meeting 16th - 17th of March, 2023

The consortium continued intensive project discussions in the evening

The BreedingValue consortium perfoming a sensory test of strawberry at Hansabred

Klaus Olbricht gave a tour around the Hansabred green house

BreedingValue partners at the Hansabred green house

The consortium met in Dresden, hosted by the Julius Kühn-Institute and Hansabred