BreedingValue at Eurosense

The Eurosense Symposium 13th - 16th of September 2022, organized by the The European Sensory Science Society (E3S) in Turku Finland, had as title, A Sense of Earth and a specific focus on Sensory and Consumer Science for Sustainability and Biodiversity. It recorded the participation of more than 500 researchers in the field of sensory sciences.

The Breeding Value project addresses the need for new cultivation systems as well as high-quality produce due to current challenges posed by climate change and environmental preservation, and has a work package (WP4) committed to integrate environmental needs, with berry chain production sustainability and consumers ‘choices and preferences.

Researchers from the BreedingValue partners LUKE and CNR-IBE, participated to the symposium with the poster "Exploring European consumer interest towards new sustainable berry genetic resources: the BreedingValue project" about project activity (presenting author Marina Fidelis, from LUKE), and disseminated information about project aims, activities and expected results.

In the picture, from the left: M.Magli, S. Predieri, N.Lippi (CNR-IBE) and M.Fidelis (LUKE) during poster presentation.