Consumer test on strawberry organized by Hansabred and JKI

In June 2022, the Hansabred GmbH & Co KG organized in cooperation with the Julius-Kühn Institute two consumer studies (11.06.2022, 18.06.2022) during the strawberry season as part of the EU project “BreedingValue”. In total 94 respectively 86 participants evaluated 8 different strawberry cultivars and selections per session in terms of flavor and appearance. Because of the diverse genetic background, a wide range of flavor and visual differences was evaluated.

The study started with an introduction, explaining the details of the study as a part of the work package 4 in the “BreedingValue” project (European Horizon2020 program). The consumers were divided into two groups. One group started with visual evaluation, the other with sensory evaluation. Both parts of the study were spatially separated. The samples were denominated by different codes so that visual and sensory perception do not influence each other. After the study, the participants were invited to take part in a guided tour through the company.

Visual and sensory parameters will be evaluated by data management of the formulars performed by work package 5. In parallel, VOC and NON-VOC analysis are organized by the work package 3, at the University of Malaga, Spain, to find correlations later on.

Sensory evaluation

Preparation of fruit samples

Fruit samples prepared for visual evaluation

Visual evaluation, fruit appeaance; under practical conditions