BreedingValue invites you to join the Workshop on Genetic Resources, 15th of March, 2023 !

The workshop is offered as a hybrid meeting. You are welcome to join in presence in Dresden, Germany or online.

The EU-funded project BreedingValue invites the European breeding and plant research community to a workshop with the objective to establish a common understanding of the regulatory framework for IP Management of new pre-breeding material.

Workshop on Genetic Resources: Pre-breeding materials: a grey zone between Genetic Resources and Cultivars Introduction on regulatory aspects and protection of Intellectual Property

Genetic Resources (GenRes) are part of a complex international regulatory framework that regulates the various phases of their identification, recovery, characterisation, conservation, protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and use. This complexity is managed by various international organisations which, each with their own role, guarantee the appropriate protection and management of GenRes.

During this workshop, high-level representatives of the ECPGR, FAO, CPVO and the EC will share their views on the current international regulatory framework and its consequences for IP management of pre-breeding material. European research projects with a focus on GenRes will share their views on the IP landscape in their respective fields.

In the evening, a guided tour through the Pillnitz palace garden awaits you presenting the palace garden history and interesting botanical highlights.

Join us for a day of insightful presentations, networking and lively discussions!

Please submit your registration here no later than the 15th of February.